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MoveMorTM for the Clinic and Home

MoveMor_inuseWith the MoveMorTM Mobility Trainer
just sit, strap feet in and get moving to improve strength and flexibility with impact-free movement in all directions. Whether inactive, recovering from an injury, surgery or managing a chronic condition, you can experience greater healing, health and mobility to live your best.

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MoveMorTM Includes:


  • A board with a frictionless top and anti-slip grip pads on the base.
  • Two foot beds, each with a base and top, featuring a heel cup designed to keep feet secure. One size fits all.
  • Four fasteners that securely attach the foot bed top and base; Easy to lock and unlock to adjust the tube tension.
  • Beginner level tubing includes two sets of ten tubes, light (yellow) and heavy (orange) resistance. For a greater challenge, the intermediate level tubing can be purchased separately.
  • Set of soft, size adjustable neoprene ankle and toe straps with no-snag Velcro for a comfortable fit.
  • Four strap extenders to accommodate large shoe sizes.
  • Exercise Guide with crisp line instructions for safe use.
  • Owner’s Manual for easy assembly and reference information.


  • Board Dimensions: L: 27.40” W: 20” D: 0.50”
  • Foot Bed Dimensions: L: 10.74” W: 3.786” D: 0.539 + Heel Cup Height: 1.5”
  • Tubing: 2 sets of Beginner level tubing include Light (Yellow) and Heavy (Orange) resistance
  • Total Weight: 8 lbs. 1 ounce