Healthy Joints Mean Better Mobility

healthyjoints2 Strength gains come from overloading the muscles using elastic resistance or weights. Flexibility is enhanced by training through a full range of motion. Balanced muscles are developed by moving in all directions. Muscles work together as opposing pairs, and too often imbalances are created by moving in only one direction (forward and back) by walking, biking or using common cardio machines. Muscles that are weak, stiff or imbalanced make it harder to move and are more likely to cause pain, an injury or a fall.


The MoveMor™ Mobility Trainer encourages good health at the ankles, knees and hips. Regaining and maintaining strength and mobility has never been easier. From one safely seated position, the 12-points of carefully-designed resistance, effectively engage multiple muscles. You will feel greater muscle activation as soon as you begin moving.


With 360-degrees of movement, joints move through a comfortable, pain-free range of motion. MoveMor™ helps to build flexibility gradually at your own pace, regardless of ability.


With the unique capability of movement in all directions and planes of motion, balanced muscles are reinvigorated and are less prone to injury and pain. Without any adjustment or reconfiguration, MoveMor’s simplicity promotes strength and mobility, frustration and hassle-free.


Strength and mobility improvements have been seen consistently with 19 volunteers at five facilities. Our pilot-study results illustrate its effectiveness so seniors and older adults can move more, stay strong and live their independent best.

Details at a Glance:

  • Two Skilled Nursing Facilities: One-on-one treatment of short-term patients (6-14 days)
  • Doctor’s Office: One-on-one treatment of patients with inhibited sartorius muscles
  • Balfour Senior Living: A 30-minute exercise class, once per week for 5 weeks
  • InnovAge: One-on-one treatment of senior day care participants

Pre- & Post-Testing

Strength: Manual muscle testing of quadriceps, hip flexors and anterior tibialis muscles
Mobility: Timed Up & Go (TUG)

  • Marjorie, an 87-year old Balfour resident, improved her mobility by 21% illustrated by her reduced TUG of 10.19 to 8 seconds!
  • Margareta, a 93-year old Balfour resident, improved her time from 17.41 to 12.61 seconds –
    a 28% reduction!