Exercise Videos

Looking to move, feel and live better?

MoveMor Videos

The first step to better mobility is to improve how joints move.  MoveMor™ exercise videos make it easy to help you unlock joints, strength and balance in just minutes!

Quick Start

For detailed instructions on safe use, please read the Exercise Guide and Exercise Program PDFs.

  1. Place MoveMor™ on the floor centered and next to the legs of a stable chair.
  2. Sitting tall with good posture, hips are aligned with or slightly higher than knees, feet are flat on the foot beds.
  3. Strap feet in snugly and enjoy strengthening hips, knees, ankles and feet as you move through a comfortable, pain-free range of motion!

Calm, Steady & Strong

Purpose: Connect breath with movement, promoting tranquility, joint flexibility and strength.
Duration:  31 minutes
Level: 1-2
A complete workout with a warm-up, MoveMor™ exercises and stretch.

Take 10 to MoveMor™

Purpose: Base conditioning to improve joint flexibility and strength.
Duration: 10 minutes (exercise starts at .35 sec)
Level: 1-2
10 exercises, 10 repetitions, 10 minutes. This exercise program is a great place to get started using MoveMor™. It’s famous for being the exercise program used in most of our 10 independent clinical studies!

Better Mobility with MoveMor™

Purpose: Perform exercises in a fuller range of motion to unlock joints for better balance, gait and movement.
Duration: 22 minutes (exercise starts 1.10 sec)
Level: 1-2

Strong & Stable with MoveMor

Purpose: After performing dynamic exercises, joint positions are held for 3-10 seconds to strengthen joints, muscles, and connective tissues for greater joint stability, control, gait and balance.
Duration: 23 minutes (exercise begins at .50 sec)
Level: 1-2

Power Moves with MoveMor

Purpose: High speed intervals of 5-30 seconds combined with lower intensity recovery helps promote power, quicker reflexes and reaction times for better balance, metabolic health, performance of daily activities and fall risk reduction.
Duration: 24 minutes (exercise begins at .58 sec)
Level: 1-2

Dancing with the Stars & MoveMor

Purpose: Performing exercise patterns for a count of 8, 4 and 2 tickles your brain and body as you try to remember and practice the exercise sequences to help build stamina and endurance to walk, move and stand longer and reduce fall risk.
Duration: 24 minutes (exercise begins at 1.14 sec)
Level: 2