What is MoveMor®?

The patented MoveMor® Mobility Trainer is the first-ever multi-directional resistance system designed to help people regain strength, balance and mobility from one safely seated position.  Over ten clinical studies with frail adults using MoveMor™ for as little as 10 minutes once per week, continue to show better balance, increased strength, greater ankle flexibility, increased independence, improved continence and reduced fall risk.

MoveMor® combines the effectiveness of elastic resistance with the power of free movement to progressively strengthen ankles, knees and hips for better physical function to fall less and live more.  It’s easy to use – just sit, strap feet in and get moving!  As feet and legs glide on or above the  compact board, a variety of muscle groups are being strengthened through a comfortable and pain-free range of motion.

Without any reconfiguration needed, you can move seamlessly between ankle, knee and hip exercises.   This removes the complication and frustration of using a single elastic resistance band that is an arduous, less effective and time-consuming process.  MoveMor™ makes it easier and more effective to strengthen the lower body in just 10 minutes, increasing compliance and saving valuable time.

With 12-points of carefully-designed resistance around and between each foot, more muscles surrounding joints are strengthened in less time.  Joints can become stronger and more flexible.  Joints enable motion and when ankles, knees and hips move better, we do too.

Strengthening muscles and joints through a full range of motion, empowers you to move, feel and live better.  Pain and stiffness can be reduced as joints are lubricated with synovial fluid.  Walking can improve as joints are able to move freely through a larger range of motion.  Better balance is often experienced as proprioceptors are engaged in joints, muscles and soft tissues to enable better body-brain communication and help prevent a fall.

MoveMor’s  versatility is unmatched with over 30 multi-planar exercises and absolutely no adjustment required. Progressive programming and videos are provided to continuously challenge both body and brain to become stronger.  Practically anyone can use it, even those using a wheel-chair.  MoveMor™ is lightweight, portable and compact making it easy to carry and store.

MoveMor™ takes the proven effectiveness of elastic resistance to an astounding new level. Seven tiers of progressive resistance cater to a vast variety of health needs. Whether you are proactive about protecting your precious mobility, inactive, recovering from an injury, surgery or managing a chronic condition, MoveMor™ meets you where you are and grows with you.


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