What is MoveMorTM ?

what_is_move_more_hdrThe MoveMor™ Lower Body Trainer (LBT), is the first-ever multi-directional resistance system designed to build strength and mobility from one safe, seated position. It provides 360-degrees of impact-free motion in all directions to help strengthen hips, knees, ankles and feet. Multiple muscle groups are gently engaged simultaneously with the patented MDX™ technology (Multi-Directional resistance eXercise). MDX™ consists of 12-points of carefully-designed resistance around and between each foot. Joints move comfortably in a pain-free range of motion helping to improve circulation, joint flexibility and prevent stiffness.

Its simple design is easy to use – just sit, strap feet in and get moving. Its versatility is unmatched with over 30 multi-planar exercises and absolutely no adjustment required. Due to the fluid transition between exercises, you can move more in less time. Being lightweight and portable, it travels easily with you from the clinic to home.

The MoveMor™ LBT takes the proven effectiveness of elastic resistance to an astounding new level. Six tiers of progressive resistance cater to a vast variety of health needs. Whether inactive, recovering from an injury, surgery or managing a chronic condition, MoveMor™ meets you where you are and grows with you.


Patents: 8,202,205; 8,529,412; 8,876,670