Unique Therapy Tool

For decades, elastic resistance has been a staple of physical therapists due to its proven effectiveness.  Unfortunately, tubes and bands require grueling reconfiguration to engage multiple muscle groups. MoveMor’s unique design enables patients to transition seamlessly between exercises without any adjustment. Utilizing MoveMor™ saves time and encourages compliance for better health outcomes.


Patients recovering from an injury, surgery or managing a chronic condition are plagued with low mobility. Patients and therapists alike experience frustration with the lack of accessible exercise options. MoveMor™ caters to these under-served patients by making it safe and easy to regain strength and mobility from a safely seated position.

Lightweight and portable, MoveMor™ enables patients to continue care outside the clinic. It integrates flawlessly into daily life as patients exercise while watching TV, reading or working on the computer. Patients embrace MoveMor™ because of the minimal time and effort needed.

Socialization is vitally important for good health. MoveMor™ is easily adapted to a group setting, promoting socialization, camaraderie and support. At Life Care Center of Stonegate, “residents laugh and love the exercises.” Maryann Bowles, PT, Director of Rehab.

Ideal for group programs treating the health needs of seniors at risk of falling, cancer patients and those with musculoskeletal dysfunction, MoveMor™ facilitates an empowering environment. Time and cost-effective for therapists, everyone benefits from group treatment.