Retirement Communities

Resistance training is vital to retain and improve strength, mobility, independence, and reduce the chance of falling. Regardless of age, fitness level or ability, it’s never too late to reap the benefits of strength training so seniors can live their best.

Functional Ability

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, older adults can gain two- to three times more strength in muscle fibers that are engaged during resistance training within 3-4 months. With a longer program, muscles can develop further. This translates into improved physical function and the crucial ability to carry out daily living skills.

Stronger Longer

The increased strength and confidence intrinsic with resistance training improves quality of life, fuels independence and reduces the chance of falling. With greater strength, seniors and older adults are able to perform more activity. It can also improve insulin action, bone health and energy metabolism, which makes everyone feel better while also lightening the load on family and caregivers.


Seniors choose to live in communities that are passionate about their health and well-being. Innovative wellness programming that addresses the needs of residents across the continuum of care speaks volumes about health being your top priority, as it is for seniors and their families. Residents enjoy exercise activity geared specifically for their goals and abilities. Easy to use in fitness centers, rehabilitation settings and at home, MoveMor™ uniquely supports strength, falls reduction and independent living at all stages of care.

Independent Living

seniors-dancing2Tennis, hiking, biking, dancing, gardening and golfing are just a few activities seniors enjoy indulging in. A resistance training program that keeps them as strong and active for as long as possible and helps prevent a dreaded injury is highly desired. We are all three-dimensional movers, stepping in all directions, turning, twisting and bending. Unfortunately, most programs and equipment train in only one direction, neglecting the multi-planar mobility that residents crave. Walking, using an elliptical, leg extension/curl machines; they are all slight variations of repetitive forward and backward movement.

However, life moves in three dimensions. Fitness pros refer to these dimensions as planes of motion or action, and include sagittal (forward and back), frontal (side-to-side) and transverse (rotation). Building muscles in one or two of the three planes leads to severe muscle imbalances and a greater risk of injury.

The best programming and equipment provides movement in all directions, across all three planes of action to help build balanced muscles, better movement in all directions while also minimizing the chance for injury. The MoveMor™ Mobility Trainer makes it simple from a safe, seated position. For a greater challenge, it can also be used while standing with adequate support. Seniors are elated by the range of muscles they feel working and the large variety of exercises they can do from one position – in minutes.

Easy to use in personal and group training sessions, as well as privately in the home, MoveMor™ meets the fitness goals and needs of different personalities. With the freedom to move in 360-degrees, movement patterns are virtually limitless, allowing dynamic, entertaining exercise.

Assisted Living

seniors-walking2Seniors, who have been inactive, have experienced a scary fall or are managing a chronic condition, need a bit more care and assistance with daily living. Resistance training is vital to seniors looking to regain and maintain strength to participate in life as fully, safely and independently as possible. A program that promotes muscle strength and joint flexibility that is safe, easy, and practical is ideal.

Unfortunately, strengthening options are extremely limited for residents who are weak, in poor health and petrified to fall. While elastic resistance is recommended and effective to build the strength, balance and mobility they desire, tubes and bands are complicated to use, requiring constant, frustrating re-configuration to work more than one muscle group. The result? Many view exercise as grueling, evident with low long-term adherence.

With MoveMor™, strength and mobility can be gently restored in ankles, knees and hips with confidence from a safely seated position. Seniors and older adults enjoy the impact-free activity available throughout a pain-free, 360-degree range of motion. Its simple design and ease of use is embraced by those who are unable, or intimidated by complicated, bulky machines.

MoveMor™ provides multi-directional resistance with consistency and accuracy. Lightweight and portable, it’s easy to use in therapeutic one-on-one treatments continued at home, and in group sessions that seniors look forward to.

Skilled Nursing

physical therapist
To recover from an injury, illness, surgery, or to manage a chronic health issue like Parkinson’s, patients need long and short-term care and rehabilitation. The ultimate goal is to return home, happily functioning as independently as possible. Strengthening the lower body with MoveMor™ reduces the time and effort necessary for improving low mobility, injured or ill patients, and can lead to higher success, better healing, fewer doctor visits and reduced hospital readmissions.

Residents and therapists alike applaud MoveMor™ for making rehabilitation simple, safe and effective. Used from a safely seated position, wheel chair, walker, or bedside if necessary, it provides gentle, impact-free exercise activity, meeting the resident where they are and evolving with them as they regain strength. Easy to use in-clinic and at home, MoveMor™ encourages consistent exercise for better health outcomes.

Memory Care

Home careFor dementia patients, an exercise program that is safe, easy, and enjoyable can help reduce anxiety, restlessness, depression, and the high risk of falling. Resistance training that helps gently build muscle strength and joint flexibility can help keep them strong, mobile, and as independent as possible. Studies show that resistance exercise may concurrently improve memory and slow down mental decline.

MoveMor™ provides a safe, simple and secure way to engage residents physically, socially and cognitively, promoting multiple aspects of holistic health. Used from one comfortably seated position, residents enjoy the smooth fluid movements that are easy to follow. Stronger legs, better balance and mobility can help residents safely perform daily activities like getting out of bed, standing up from a chair, getting in and out of a car, walking, and climbing stairs.

Group sessions provide a healthy time for residents to unite and socialize. Residents gain a sense of achievement as they are able to perform simple and effective exercises at their comfort level. Engaging with others while moving and improving is a great way to stimulate the body, mind and spirit. Greater cognitive challenges can be added by including activities that require more concentration. No matter your condition, MoveMor™ makes it easy.