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Dr. Scott Monk, D.C.

– Chiropractic  Adviser

Dr. Scott Monk is an author, speaker and practitioner of alternative medicine.  He is trained in a wide range of health care techniques such as Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Applied Kinesiology and is the founder of Functional Bio-Analysis, a healing technique that combines the best of acupuncture with manual and nutritional therapy.

Dr. Monk began pursuing his career in complimentary medicine when in 1991, after experiencing heart beat irregularities for several months.  He was treated by a chiropractor, specializing in applied kinesiology (AK). In the span of about ten minutes, through standard AK testing procedures, it was discovered he had a deficiency in the mineral potassium. He was prescribed a nutritional supplement containing potassium, which he took for a total of one month. As a result, the palpitations stopped completely and have not returned.

Dr. Monk spends his days in a busy practice helping heal his patients who suffer from chronic or life-long conditions which other professionals were unable to help. He has also spent thousands of hours educating his patients and the general public on the benefits of natural healthcare methods. To further these efforts, Dr. Monk has written two books, Choose Health and Hope for Health.

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