Studies & Results

“I came down stairs by myself for the first time that I can remember.” ~ Betty W., 89

“I can get in and out of my son’s SUV without help.” ~ Marilyn S., 89

“My feet feel firmer on the ground.” ~ Ginny M., 85

“I’m not leaking anymore.” ~ Marge M., 90


Improving the lives of older adults is what drives us.  From the beginning we wanted to be sure we were helping people.  The biggest threat to life and independence is a fall.  The two root causes are weak legs and poor balance.  Studies show MoveMor™ builds strength, balance and more.


Over two years of pilot studies show:

  • Better Balance
  • Greater Ankle Flexibility
  • Reduced ADL scores
  • Stronger Legs
  • Continence Improvements
  • Potential Falls Reduction
The studies below performed the Take 10 to MoveMor™ program (10 exercises, 10 reps, 10 minutes)

Brookdale Vista Grande Assisted Living, Colorado Springs, CO                         March – June 2017
Carla Wilson, Executive Director & Roselle Campbell, PT, Transition Care Manager
Protocol: 7 residents  |  Take 10 to MoveMor™ exercise program*  |  1X/week |  14 weeks
Assessments: Ankle Flexibility  |  10’ Timed Up & Go (TUG)  | 30-Second Chair Stand
Results: Dorsi- & Plantar Flexion: 6 and 4 degree improvements, respectively | TUG: – 10 seconds / 27% improvement   |  30-Second Chair Stand: +2 / 53% improvement

Legacy Healthcare Services, Eaton Senior Living, Lakewood, CO                          April – June 2017
Emily Welt, MOT, OTR/L, Area Rehab Clinical Specialist & Matthew Shea, PT, Rehab Director
Protocol: 12 residents  |  Rehabilitation using MoveMor™ as one tool  | 2X/week  | 15-30’  |   8 weeks
Assessments:  Berg Balance Test and Tinetti Balance
Results: 12-point score improvement  Berg    |   6-point improvement Tinetti

Seabury Active Life Care Community, Bloomfield, CT                                               Feb – April 2016
Cindy Senk, Fitness Director & Matt McGowan
Protocol: 6 residents   |   Take 10 to MoveMor™   |   1X/week    |   12 weeks
Assessment:  BIODEX Falls Risk Test
Results: 28% balance improvement

Legacy Healthcare Services, George Mason Community, Fairfax, VA             Aug – October 2016
Danielle Cannella, MPT, Legacy Healthcare Services, Area Rehab Clinical Specialist, Virginia/DC
Protocol: 7 residents   | Take 10 to MoveMor™    |   1-2X/week    |    4-6 weeks
Assessments: Ankle Flexibility and 10’ TUG
Results:  Dorsi- & Plantar Flexion: 2 and 3 degree improvements, respectively | TUG: -10 second / 15% improvement

Nicoya Health & Lifestyle Management, Dallas, TX                                          Feb 2015 – Aug 2016
Dr. Sara Kyle, Director of Resident Wellness
Protocol: 74 frail older adults participated from 10 senior communities across the USA. Data from 40 residents was used in the final study analysis. (White Paper: Take 10 to MoveMor™ | 2X/wk  | 8 weeks at each community             
Assessments:  Ankle Flexibility  |  Activities of Daily Living Score  MDS 3.0  |  8’ TUG  |  Falls Hx


  • Statistically significant improvements: Increased ankle range of motion (dorsi/plantar flexion)
  • Strong and positive correlations: Improved gait speed
  • Positive impact: Reduced fall incidence during intervention
  • Reduced ADL scores: Empower greater independence

University of Maryland School of Nursing                                                                           2015 – 2020 
Dr. Beth Galik, National Institutes of Health Grant Study
Study: Behavior and Function-Focused Care of Nursing Home Residents with Dementia
Nurse Study Coordinator and contact, Erin Vigne has seen a variety of improvements in residents using the MoveMor™ resistance system.

Five Colorado Communities Participated in Manual Muscle Testing & TUG         Jan – Dec 2014
Physical therapists and one doctor performed testing at: 2 Skilled Nursing Facilities, Balfour Senior Living, doctor’s office, InnovAge Adult Daycare (Study details at
Protocol: 19 participants  |  Individual rehabilitation 2-3X/week for 1-8 weeks
Balfour Senior Living: Group exercise classes | 20 minutes |  1X/week  |  6 weeks
Assessments: Manual muscle testing of quadriceps, hip flexors and anterior tibialis muscles and 10’ TUG
Results:  Stronger quadriceps, hip flexors and anterior tibialis muscles                                      

  • Reduced 10’ TUG: Our stars: Marjorie W., 87: 19 to 8 sec  (improved 21%);    Margareta L., 93:  17.41 to 12.61 sec  (improved 28%)
  • Reduced Fear of Falling (self-reported questionnaire): From a score of 3 reduced to 2 & 1 (0-none; 1-some; 2-fair; 3-very)

Colorado University Metabolic Study                                                                                        Nov 2011
A local Colorado university doctor was intrigued by MoveMor™ and performed an informal metabolic study with 8 graduate students participating. (Study details at
Results: 60% increase in metabolism compared to quiet sitting.

*The “Take 10 to MoveMor™” exercise program (10 exercises, 10 reps,10 minutes).

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MoveMor…Fall Less

Additional study details happily provided upon request.
Study results prove that MoveMor™ can empower older adults to move, live and feel better.  With stronger legs, increased ankle flexibility and better balance, the fear & risk of falling is less while the level of independence grows.