Zoe Mauries-Gibbs

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Zoe Mauries-Gibbs

– MoveMor™ Trainer

The constant in Zoe’s life has been her pursuit of health and fitness.   From her roots in the Rocky Mountains, Zoe started her career as a stunt woman in Hollywood, California. She participated in body building to stay strong and fit through stunt car crashes and jumping off of roofs.  After completing her degree in therapeutic recreation, she went to work at a hospital trauma center to help others rehabilitate from injuries.  Zoe assisted patients in regaining strength and endurance with therapeutic exercise training.  She enabled her patients to perform daily life skills like personal hygiene, dressing and cooking.  Taking it one step further, she helped them get back to the life they loved whether it was a sport, hobby, talent or tradition.

She was a fitness instructor, personal trainer and a nutrition consultant for one of the most prominent nutritional doctors in the world today. Her knowledge that daily exercise is the key to keeping body, mind and soul in balance is what drives Zoe.  Her passion is to help others achieve their personal best whether they are injured or healthy.

Educational Experience

Bachelor of Arts, Therapeutic Recreation, Metropolitan State University, Denver, CO.

Professional Experience

  • Body Builder & Stunt Woman, Hollywood, CA
  • Therapeutic Recreation Therapist, Northridge Hospital, Northridge, CA.
  • Nutrition Consultant, Genesis Pure, Dr. Lindsey Duncan
  • Co-Coordinator and Teacher, Options School, Cherry Creek School District, Denver, CO.


Philosophy: God first, family, health and helping others.

Zoe is married with two children and many pets!

She enjoys organic gardening, cooking, workouts and hiking with friends.